This year's Annual All Around Youth Show

is still in the planning stage.


More information will be available at a later date.

If you have any suggestions or comments please let us hear from you.





Youth  nineteen and under are eligible to compete.


Classes are grouped according to age, 12 and under; 13-19.




Compete all day.


***(same horse and rider combination all day)***


Not ready to try all the classes, no problem, just enter the classes you


are comfortable with.


Either way it is a fun day with your horse and friends.




Don't have an english saddle, or don't have a western saddle?


That's okay just ride the saddle that you have in the proper style for


the class you have entered. 





Youth from all around come to compete with their horse in pleasure and


running events.  We encourage you to come, have fun and do your best.